Comprehensive optimization of the business model for your individual request

  • Who are we?

    FINLOO is your support in matters of organization and conduct of international business.
    The sequence of work of our team is as follows:
    1️⃣ Optimization of your business model by building an individual structure of the activities;
    2️⃣ An individual structure with a clear checklist „how to...” is aimed at saving and protecting your funds through a competent and correct setup;
    3️⃣ Result of all actions is your profit in the long term, and also the possibility to scale your business.

  • Our goal

    We share our own experience to help the entrepreneurs who know exactly how to make money, but do not have an understanding of how it will be better to preserve or increase them.

  • What are we doing?

    We build financial and tax structure according to specific needs, we provide company registration services, help with documentary records, and accompany audit

  • What are you getting?

    ● Confidentiality of information, transparency and legal conduct of all procedures;● A company provided with a secretary, a registration office, and all the necessary rules and regulations are followed;● Expert support in accounting and annual reporting, as well as 100% support during the audit of the company;● Remote, automated company registration process;● Assistance in the selection of the banks / payment systems, opening corporate and personal accounts;● Transfer of all business processes to a transparent management scheme;● Savings on the high commission losses;● Described work flow sheme;● Ability to scale the business.



An Arbitration team or Partnership network with:

● The problems of obtaining SWIFT, SEPA, ACH and access to the various payment systems;● The insecurity of the high turnovers with a high risk of blocking and freezing of the funds;● The high transaction fees.


E-commerce of any vector with:

● The large turnovers that are a subject to high taxation;● The need to work with Europe, the USA and Asia;● The desire not to fall under the blocking of payments by the bank through currency legislation.


Comprehensive optimization of the business model for your individual request

  • Tax planning: corporate and personal

    We will analyze the current state of taxation and propose to implement a set of the actions to optimize it. We understand that each of us strives to preserve our assets; it's time to stop losing the funds where they can be increased!

  • Company registration

    - Incorporation;- Company secretarial services (1 year);- Registered office (1 year);- Business Registration Certificate (1 year).

  • Payment model and assistance with opening accounts

    We will help you open accounts in the foreign banks and payment systems so that you do not worry about the safety of your funds throughout the entire period of using the selected service.

  • Structuring the company's activities

    Our experts will tell you how to properly conduct the company's activities and, if necessary, will provide all checklists and instructions.

  • Business Assistant Service

    - Bookkeeping;
    - Accounting program with 24/7 access;
    - Preparation of annual financial statements;
    - Consultations on legal issues.

  • Custom block of the services

    We adapt to any conditions our Customers find themselves in. FINLOO specialists will consider your situation and provide a clear plan for working through all problem areas. Be sure you will receive the answers to all questions related to the optimization of your business model!


Anatoliy Winter


It is one of the most competent consulting agencies for the CIS arbitration. They offer a set of tools that meet the needs of any enterprise, from solo webmasters to large CPA networks. I am comfortable talking about any topic. Guys are directly related to the world of traffic, so many specific questions disappear without a peep. Helpful service, great implementation.

Dan Cooper

We have been working with the guys for the third year already. Consistently they provide a high level of competence of all specialists and service in general. With their help, we were able to set up integrations with the required payment services and tools. There is no wrangling regarding the fulfillment of the assigned tasks; the execution is at the "said-done" level. Reports are submitted in strict terms, advance notification of important checkpoints in the company. It is a very strong agency with a high level of expertise.

Bobby Traffmachine

I work my way up from a small arbitration team to a company registration in Hong Kong with a complete relocation of the business. The transformation process was accompanied by Finloo specialists: I was given a lawyer, manager and bookkeeper, who took over 90% of the transition operations. In fact, I only needed to sign the documents and transfer them to the appropriate authorities. From the acquired advantages: low tax, own accounts abroad, openness of advertisers for joint work, and of course the status. It helps in resolving controversial issues with affiliate programs and services. So, it is awesome, we are working on.

Arty Lewis

Funnelz Media

They provide real working solutions. We contacted them on a number of issues related to the tax burden on business. Within a week, we formed a list of actions to optimize the structure of work and began a phased implementation. For several months we have been using their business assistant and we haven’t any claims.


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Discover the ability to accept and send the funds using the popular payment systems! Stop using exchange exchanges, losing % on commissions! Connect the necessary services and use them officially!














Several cases from our practice

  • Case 1
    Service for arbitration teams
      Preventing asset freeze
      Timeframe: 1 week
      Staff: 115

    Problem - for the wrong organization of the business processes, I received a freeze of the accounts and funds, without the possibility of re-registering in the payment systems. Doing business with the help of a Russian individual entrepreneur with the large losses on the transaction fees and taxes.
    Solution - we prepared an individual secure business structure through the registration of the company in the Hong Kong. We provided a clear checklist on how to correctly accept the payments and to draw up documentation so that money does not hang.
    Result is a business that can be scaled without the risk of blocking activities.

  • Case 2
    CIS arbitration team
      Development of a new business model
      Timeframe: 2 weeks
      Staff: 62

    Problem - worked as individuals without registering a business, all income was accepted on Webmoney. As a result, there is a high risk of freezing of the funds without the possibility of their return.
    Solution - wrote a business model of activity, opened a company, and formalized the necessary payment systems that fit the described business model, helped with obtaining SWIFT and ACH. The Customer took a service of our Business Assistant, who conducts the Customer's activities and is responsible for the registration of the business processes.
    Result:- Work with the Customers from the CIS, Canada and the USA; - Diversified the risks of the money blocking - a work with reliable payment systems and documentary confirmation of the transactions;- helped to save on the transaction fees;- invoices, contracts, account transactions - everything is under the control of FINLOO Business Assistant.

  • Case 3
    UA e-commerce with access to EU / ASIA
      Company registration in Hong Kong
      Timeframe: 2 weeks
      Staff: 107

    Problem - conduct the business through a Ukrainian sole proprietorship, the difficulties in obtaining currency, frequent blocking of the payments by the bank with the need to explain the origin of the funds.
    Solution - registered a company in Hong Kong. We opened several payment systems and one trading account. Prepared the instructions on how to work with Ukrainian private entrepreneurs - documentation preparations, payments. Our Business Assistant manages the Customer's business.
    Result:- document circulation exclusively in electronic form, with a minimum package of the documents confirming the purchase / sale transactions;- simplified process of concluding contracts / agreements with the foreign companies;- an amount of freezing of the funds in accounts has decreased to 0;- our experts are responsible for the invoices, reports and taxes, while the Customer is developing his / her business.


Paper is superfluous.

In the 21st century, all processes can be conducted remotely. Come on, we understand how important it is to save the trees

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Do you like to complicate your life with the schemes for withdrawing money through 100,500 intermediaries? We fix in several steps

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Finloo + FreshBooks!

Thanks to our partnership with FreshBooks, we are able to deliver the best bookkeeping service in the most convenient and error-free manner. This allows you to keep records of financial transactions, as well as track and plan your company's expenses. The whole process of work takes place online, so you will have access to your data 24/7. Finloo specialists will help you quickly master all the functions of this service and adapt it to your business model.



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